Battlesword location:

Battlesword Hall:

3475-D Collins St. Philadelphia, PA

We are located in the Port Richmond Section of Philadelphia, PA, just off of I-95 and minutes from Center City, Philadelphia.

Free parking is available.



Philadelphia, PA


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We created Battlesword for everyone.  We wanted to create a platform that allowed anyone to come in off the street and experience sword fighting.  You don't need any prior experience to join us.  We offer training sessions at the end of every month if you'd like to begin by learning from a martial arts expert, or drop in for one of our open battle days to spar with opponents of your choice.  Come by yourself or grab some friends, either way Battlesword is an exciting and challenging new sport for all. And if you like it, we hope you'll come back often to climb our rankings and continue to improve your skills!

Battlesword is an open platform, meaning you choose who you battle, when you battle, and how often you battle. A daily pass gets you everything you need to compete for the day, what you make of that time is in your hands. 

Choose between a variety of different types of swords to gain a competitive advantage over your foe. There is absolutely no swordsmanship experience needed, and all weapons are made of quality polypropylene with real-life weight and feel. Battle to break crystals on your competitions suit to defeat your enemy and climb to higher ranks.

For those looking to battle competitively, matches will be scored and rankings will be posted to this site... will you be at the top?

Also coming soon: monthly tournaments, instructor training sessions, and monthly membership options!