Meet Joe M.

Joe McLaughlin has over 20 years experience in the martial arts, focusing on western weapons systems. Over the past fifteen years, he has cross trained in multiple styles from Europe, Asia, and America, including longsword, broadsword, hatchet, bata (shillelagh), staff, spear and knife fighting. Armored, unarmored, and everything in between, if it involves a weapon, Joe will cheerfully demonstrate how it can hurt your fellow man.

Joe actively enjoys dispelling "sword myths", such as armored fighters being slow, European swords being crowbars, and other Hollywood stereotypes.

Joe is currently teaching through two venues. For the past ten years he has been the head instructor of Live Steel, a western martial arts school that teaches historical weapons systems. In addition to direct classes, Joe and Live Steel frequently teach at local museums, collegiate fencing clubs, and historical festivals. Recently, Joe McLaughlin has joined with Joe Varady to form Modern Gladiatorial Arts, teaching progressive weapons systems in Phoenixville Pa. This new program explores both eastern and western weapon systems in a friendly, professional martial arts environment.